Friday, September 25, 2009

Chinese Actress Zhao Wei's Patriotic Clarification

Source: Yahoo News

Today I saw a news on Zhao Wei, a popular female Chinese actress deny the rumor that she is marrying a Singaporean Businessman. The article from was saying Zhao Wei herself is a patriotic woman and said "I love my country so much, I will not get married with a Singaporean."

I wondering if she is taking a "stab" at Gong Li and Jet Li who were some of the famous Chinese Actor/Actress who became Singapore Citizens. I am not sure how long these 2 new high profile Citizens will stay and hoped for good. However, according to Asianbite, Jet Li sent his daughters to Overseas Family School near his million dollars condo for education in Singapore.

I believed that Zhao Wei is gaining "playing" the patriotic card to gain more Chinese Fans on her patrotic remark. There goes our highly sought after "Businessman"'s chance :)

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