Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will I Vote for PAP?

I wonder how I should vote for PAP government (if there is no walk over) when Singapore have the following issues:

  • Most recent forex lost of $40 Billion by MAS
  • Astronomical amount losses in Billions by Temesek and GLC.(Shin corp, BOA, etc)
  • Curbing of fundamental rights as a Singapore citizen by passing the Public disobedience bill against the basic right of being a citizen when Singapore statutes stated “Freedom of speech, assembly and association in Part 4”: (a) every citizen of Singapore has the right to freedom of speech and expression; (b) all citizens of Singapore have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms; and (c) all citizens of Singapore have the right to form associations.

    However, Parliament may by law impose in the interest of the security of Singapore or friendly relations with other countries such as Myanmar who is anti democracy and pro dictatorial?
  • Picture of FM George Yeo with Myanmar Gen from TOC
  • Did not want to admit lapse in control by MAS of “toxic products” when MM Lee said “You have to walk in with both eyes open”

  • Lack of accountability and transparency by PAP government in its custodian roles in Temesek, GLC and PAP controlled Town Concils (Invested in Creative and Lehmen Brother)

  • Did not listen to people on issues such as ERP especially when I am taxed at 10pm along CTE heading north. London scrapped a similar system after intense opposition.

  • Immigration policies that stifle out true blue Singaporeans’ workplace competitiveness and always stated that Singaporeans cannot fill up jobs therefore need foreign immigrants to do jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do.


  1. How would you feel when your Govt is demanding that you have to pay them S$100 in order to enter the IR casinos - never mind whether you intend to gamble or not ?

    You mean our Govt does not even trust us as responsible adults to behave as such ?

    In return, how do you expect me to vote for such a Govt which does not seem to trust us at all ?

  2. $100 entry fee is to pacify the outcry over the social effect of the casino. But hardcore gamblers will be willing to pay because $100 is cheaper than going Genting. PAP Gov also intro exclusion for problem gamblers to be banned.

    Gov not never trust us and the most obvious is the Election. Thus dun vote for the current gov :)