Friday, August 28, 2009

TV License Fees in Singapore

At end of every year, the tax man will be knocking at the door asking me to pay for the income tax. Also to my irritation, it tagged along with the tax man's bill was the TV and License Fees of $110.

Many people had been asking or pleading the government by writing into forums to remove this form of "Taxation", but were fell to deaf ears. The MDA claimed that the "entertainment tax" are used to support Public Service Programs (PSP) and also to non-English stations such the Tamil and Malay Languages stations Vasantham and Suria.

The latest reply from MDA about "good use" of TV tax, ops, I mean TV License, is Singaporeans liked Public Service Programs. Chinese serial such as The Little Nyonya or super popular serial such as "Holland Village" enjoyed massive followings from Singaporeans and even Malaysians Chinese. HOWEVER, MDA seem to have forgotten that Sponsorships and Advertisement are also expensive for the Prime Time TV serials, thus a good income for MediaCorp.

National TV stations traditionally are operated by the countries that owned them and Media Corp is already privatised right? Thus where is the national broadcaster status as mentioned in the ST online reply? I quote Mr Yeo Chun Cheng MDA CIO: "We will also continue to work with the national broadcaster to ensure ....... "

I personally do not watch local serial or local programs and only news programs. I subscribed to Starhub SCV programs as these are more educational, more variaty and higher standards compared to Media Corp programs. MDA also mentioned that some of the PSB programs also won some awards from Asian panels etc. But I do not care as I do not even want to know that these programs that won prizes were all about.

How can a so call commercial broadcaster sells advertisement and allow to collect TV License Fees from MDA?


  1. Anyone knows if Malaysia imposes TV licence fee or taxes on it's people? Cos I remember watching SG channels in JB. Mmmm.....

  2. Nope, there is no such thing as a TV license fee in M'sia.
    If they subscribe to cable TV, the subscriptions are all they pay. Otherwise, FREE-to-air are... well, FREE.

  3. Singapore can receive signals from M'sia's TV1,2,3 and likewise, M'sia can receive S'pore's channels. I'm sure they have some form of understanding between the govts or media authorities. Then begs the qn; why are we paying SGD110 when our neighbours are watching "Little Nyonya" and " Holland Village" for free? I don't suppose our channel 8 to be classified as a cable channel.

  4. U cannot receive TV 3 unless u use your antenna...

    TV can be used for propaganda by both sides.