Friday, August 7, 2009

The Story of Instant Singapore National Flags

Once you don't see them, the next moment you seen them! I was very amused that every year at near National Day, our TC will help reluctant residents to put up national flags along corridors. Good to see at from afar, but when you take a closer look, you noticed that these flags are instant ones. What I meant was these flags are not even ironed.

I personally believed that National Flag is our own identity and should be respected. Thus today I decided to put the National Flag before National Day. I want to hang it up with pride and willingly, not part of any charade or pretense of being patriotic or putting a feather on my hat!

Ironing half way, notice the lines at left side

Completed ironing of National Flag

Ironed National Flag.

What I am saying is that our beloved Government's immigration policy can ask Foreign Workers or Foreign Talents to do jobs Singaporeans disliked, you get the instant flags or results. But on closer examination, you see that they dun even bother to look at details and lacked a sense of belonging and pride.

I also noted that people who put up their National Flags and their houses are away from corridors have seasoned flags.

Closer look

However, someone had forgotten to take down his flag, or does he know he or she had a flag outside the flat?

Anyway, Happy 44th National Day!

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