Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spin Doc Spinning!

Today paper on 12 August have 2 interesting articles, namely, "I became political fodder", a reflection by Dr Seet Ai Mee and "Back then, it did not even have LRT", an spin on Bt Panjang.

What so interesting these 2 articles to me is that it seem to "spin" the MPs from the ruling party into a good light after so many bad lights shone on them, especially on Dr Teo Ho Pin aka Dr "Be Grateful" (After losing $$ in investment of Town council sink funds in Lehman Brother toxic fund and yet asked people to be grateful).

In the today article on page 16, it was interesting to note that Dr "Be Grateful"'s vision for 2015 for LRT to be "directly connected" to the MRT system. LRT not connected to MRT at Chua Chu Kang meh? Also

Dr "Be Grateful" also has his vision for Bt Panjang to have shopping centres, sport complex and working on long term plan for the estate and "gave" feedback to URA. The article also mentioned the Town council had spent $100m in improving the estate with $8m from surplus, the rest from subsidiary from ruling government.

He was trying to say $92m from is from Government? Another ploy to use upgrading for election? I was wondering if $8m was the only amount left in TC coffer or what? People are asking for more transparency in TCs spending especially in PAP held TCs. If my interpretation of this amount of spending is wrong, it cannot be blamed because PAP held TCs spending can be "complicated".

For the article on Dr Seet Ai Lee, I do not really know her and what was her contribution to the constituency. But I knew that she was kicked out by the "hand wash" incident with a fishmonger. Dr Seet clarified in the article whom she gave interview to Petir, she did not shake hand with a fish monger, but a Pork seller.

I feel bad to say this but, does she know about the culture of Malays or Muslims? She claimed that she might be offending the Muslims with hand shaken with a pork sellers. She should know that even washing with water was not considered Ceremonially clean. Must use sea water to purify. But I am not sure if I am right about washing in Muslim practices. But she or her planners should use common sense to visit the Malay or Muslim hawkers in the area FIRST before visiting the rest of "Non-Halal" hawkers. Then she would be able to avoid such situation and a defeat.

So what the media is trying to tell me? Voters do not have a sense of judgement in voting? Thus the GRC system? Perhaps next time we should only have 4 GRC, namely North, South, East and West GRC, each consisted of more than 10 candidates. Then voters no need to vote for GEs because opposition total combined dunno have 10 candidates.

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