Monday, August 31, 2009

Spin Doc Spinning for Dr "Be Grateful" Part II

(Pict from Today Paper, 31 Aug 09)

Today Paper published about an article about the low cost of medical. The picture shows Dr Teo looked very interested in the EXERCISE MACHINE the elderly man was trying out. And our World Class Transport Minister Mr Raymond Lim gave a few tips on how to use the exercise machine! Spin doctors working for them really low life as to use an old and elderly man to make a good spin for Dr Teo.........

Anyway in the Today Article, a grassroots leader named Kausalya Ramachandra ask the TRANSPORT MINISTER (transport also do health?) about the the rising cost of Medical cost especially for the low income. One look without thinking, its a staged Q&A session :)

This Kausalya Ramachandra, one of the grass root leader of Bukit Panjang (the other one is Tan Chen Hwa) also very funny one. He speak out for the rising health cost in this article and his expression of "happiness" also appeared in PAP Website. In the PAP website, he was very happy to see Dr Teo helping in the Bukit Panjang ward to "help".

I though Grass roots leaders suppose to serve the residents? How come his happiness also appear in PAP Website? What if Bukit Panjang ward happen to be lost to the opposition party? Will these so called "Grass Root Leaders" stay behind to help the new non-PAP MP and losing the chance of being nominated for some national awards? Are both of these 2 Grass Root Leaders PAP members too? Got to ask them if got chance.

Our TRANSPORT MINISTER emphasised the cheap $2 health screening for Bt Panjang Ward that Dr Teo is in. Er, I wondered what does $2 health screening got to do with the high cost of medical in Singapore? Perhasp this should be answered by Health Minister Mr Khaw.

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