Monday, August 24, 2009

Singapore River Feng Shui

I am not a expert in Feng Shui but I cannot forget the story of LKY consulting a monk in the 80s on the way to recover Singapore economy. The Monk told him to give every Singaporeans a "Ba Gua". A difficult task indeed, but to do that unknowingly, its easy. I can find it on our $1 coin and also our road tax disc.

That is one of the urban legend which I am not sure it can be verified unless you ask LYK himself. But one observation on Singapore immigration was there are many quitters and include me a would be quitter, quitting our beloved Singapore. To stem the outflow of Singaporeans, there is a need to "block" them. When Singapore was first established by the British as a colony, Singapore River was the life line of Singapore. Now the life line is the building around the CBD area. I also believed many people seeking better life stepped ashore Singapore just Raffles did so on 1819.

I was thinking how to stop the out flow of immigration? The marina barrage is the Answer. To effectively stop the outflow of Singaporeans who are the only resources that the government can milk, a "dam" must be build. Too much people, you can lower to allow the "Fresh Water" to flow out. Too little, close the dam.

The barrage or dam now supposing used to transform the Marina bay area into a fresh water reservior due to the improvement of the filtration membrane technology (as claimed). But few days ago, I cannot help not to notice the dirty grime covered River opposite Sim Lim Square. Hoped the membrane work well and less Singaporeans will be flowed out :)

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