Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Singapore PhD Taxi Driver?

Today came across a really interesting blog by a taxi driver "A Singapore Taxi Driver's Diary" who is a PhD holder formerly from Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) of A*STAR.

In his blog, beside his scientific background, he shared about the cost of being a taxi driver; milked by taxi companies. I was really wondering is it really hard to find job in Singapore? Especially for an experienced PhD researcher. I wondering if our really wonderful investment into Biomedical by our Government really so good. Anyway, I am also jobless, cannot find a job after serving 10 years in SAF....

But anyway, back to the taxi companies, in the blog, the company that the PhD driver rented the taxi from cost $93 for 1-3 years old taxi while it costed $77 for 3-5 years old one. Assuming the PhD driver drives for 1 Year, 6 days in a week, total cost of renting the taxi = 6 Days x 4 Weeks X 12 Months x $77 = $22,176.00). Is this expliotation or what?

I been wondering why the Gov had abolished Taxi Ownership? The Yellow top taxi driver cum owners are an endangered species in Singapore.

BTW this Singaporean PhD taxi driver was former from China. (Pict from Straits Times)

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