Monday, August 31, 2009

Orchard ION

I was at the Orchard ION and it was a shopping complex that is mind blowing! To me personally, it was really a shopping paradise consisted of mid to high end retail outlets. Best of all, its engulfed around Orchard MRT. There will not be issue of less human traffic to feed its hungry appetite for consumers.

When I was about to leave for Borders bookstore, I realized that the traffic junction for pedestrians to walk to Borders is closed to human traffic. It was a bit of challenge to look for the under-pass linking Borders Bookstore.

Although it was nice to look at, I know that more can be done to "Save Gaia" and as long there is no true initiative to save energy, I am not sure if Singapore can truly play apart in saving earth's resources.

Korea is one such country that is true in its action to cut waste and played a part in saving earth's resources. Liked they do not have disposable chopsticks and not take aways unlike Singapore.

Anyway, the ION shopping complex is nicely designed especially the ceiling and it looked liked Changi airport Terminal 3. Nicely lit and sort of simple but yet complex design. I cannot count the number of floor of retail shops but seem it to have more than around 7 floor consisted of top to bottom floor.

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