Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No way to threat this Foreign Worker

This afternoon around 3:30pm, while turning to Upper Bukit Timah Road, I saw this Foreign Worker sitting on top of a overloaded lorry. The driver later drove off at amazing speed of >70kmh (Speed limit is 70km/h) and soon the lorry was out of sight as it exited to PIE. I traveling at 80kmh already having hard time trying to catch up. I am really amazed at the irresponsible driver, not respecting the safety of his fellow worker or subordinate and other road users.

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  1. Hi there,

    Recently, I read your blog and saw this entry with a photo of an irresponsible FW employer fetching the FW in a pick-up under dangerous conditions.

    Then today I read that LTA is finally doing something about it. Actually they should investigate further and fine the company employing the drivers.

    Makes me think that online sites and blogs, like TOC and yours, are more effective than all the productivity and service quality programmes (e.g. PS21) put together. Putting up such articles create public awareness and thus pushing the civil servants into action or at least they can no longer openly misinform the public on such matters.