Monday, August 24, 2009

Missing MP in Jurong GRC National Day Billboard cum Free Chicken Porridge

I was visiting my relative at Bukit Batok when I noticed the giant Jurong Town Council National Day Greeting Billboard. One look, I remember that the late Mr Ong Chit Chung had pass away suddenly in 2008. However, in a Single ward constituency, there will be a by-election to elect a new MP to replace the late Mr Ong. However, the beauty of the GRC system does not need a by-election because according to the ruling govenment the PAP, the other 4 MPs can "Cover" the role of the demised MP.

Just then at the block of my relative, I noticed an interesting notice where Free Chicken porridge will be given out to resident. However, there is a catch, its from 2-4pm. Not 12pm to 8pm, just in case the whole estate residents turned up then not enough chicken porridge will make people angry :)

Still got 2 more days to have free chicken porridge! This also reminded me of the abalone porridge by PAP hopefuls win the hearts operations at Hougang and Potong Pasir!

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