Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Irresponsible Van Driver on PIE

I was driving home when I was caught in a jam along PIE towards airport. The traffic was not very heavy and I stopped several times. Just then I saw 2 Chinese children peeping out from the rear windscreen of a van. If a vehicle such as a truck from the rear is to crash into the rear of this van, the first to be injured will be these 2 children.

This was mild compared to what I saw some time back when I saw a woman van driver driving on Sheares bridge with his kid sitting with her at the driver seat. If she crash, her weight would be enough to crush her kid sitting between her and the steering wheel.

Advanced countries such as Australia have very strict law regarding belting up and child seat for children in cars. I am not sure why our traffic police is having such lax view on this matter. The public education and enforcement need to be upped.

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