Friday, August 7, 2009

HOTA Opted Out

I was supportive of donating someone's organs should one died in accident. I used to think I will not object if any unfortunate thing should happen to me (dead already and what is there to object?)

My thought about his changed when I saw the following Chinese current affair in Youtube Titled "HOTA 被指脑死, 家属与医院冲突, Brain-dead man's kin in scuffle":

I thought of the anguish caused to my relatives by the authorities if they ever placed in the situation of the family in the video and I immediately signed the HOTA opted out form. However, seem that you opted out will placed you in the "least priority" queue.

"Fact 2: Anyone who opts out of HOTA receives lower priority on the organ transplant waiting list should he require an organ transplant in the future. This will be specific to the organs which he opted out of."

Not one choose to died prematurely, but by penalizing people who opted out is really unfair as the organs are private "property". The priority list should be based on the severity of the medical conditions suffered by all Singaporeans/PRs and not based on if you had signed the Opted Out form.

I wondered how CK Tang boss Mr Tang Wee Sung managed to get a "fresh" kidney from executed gangster Tan Chor Jin aka "One-Eyed Dragon". The amount of money so called compensated? BTW, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, our Health Minister on Nov 08 had proposed an amendment to the HOTA on to allow organ donors to be compensated. One-Eyed Dragon hanged on 9 Jan 09.

Who determines the queue number in the transplant list? Wealth? Signed HOTAS Opted out forms? or based on severity of illness? Without a degree from University of Rocket Science, I think it should based on severity of illness. But my thinking is also not true as it happened too in another case where Mr Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple inc also got the liver transplant far ahead of other patients on waiting list. Doctors refered him as the "sickest" on the list. However Mr Steve Jobs' net worth is US$5billion......

I believed that relatives of these who signed HOTA Opted forms will have better situation despite the lost of loved one compared to the family in the video. The hospital will be more polite to ask for the relatives for organ pledge or the relatives may eventually agreed to pledge the organs for transplant to the hospital.

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