Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clinton leaves North Korea with pardoned journalists - What will our Government do?

The most secretive "rescue" mission by President Clinton of the 2 detained American Reporters in N Korean really stirred up my heart to see how far will a country do for its citizens. US is so protective of her citizens that they will take what ever means to rescue their citizens in distress.

Clinton leaves North Korea with pardoned journalists

Like wise Australia tried it hardest mean to save Nguyen Tuong Van, the Vietnamese Australian who was caught with drugs that sent him to the hang man's noose.

However, what if our Citizen was caught in similar situation as the 2 lady reporters? I guess not many of our reporters will have to "balls" to report the truth yet alone go to countries such as N Korea to get news.

To be fair, I am not sure if there is any deals between President Clinton and former V President Al Gore who were the owner of the news agency of the 2 detained American reporters. But even that, it still show how much the Americans respect human rights.

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