Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Charles 'Chip' Goodyear Temasek's nearly CEO involved in UN oil-for-food scandal?

Saw this article on Charles 'Chip' Goodyear who almost became our Temasek Holding CEO, Trading with the enemy. I wonder how accurate is this article and have to take it with a pinch of salt. But as I read more about it and wonder if Mr S Dhanabalan Temasek's Chairman or Mdm Ho Ching its CEO also PM Lee's wife will file for deframation against the author.

I wondered if the ISD or MHA had not done the background checks on Mr Goodyear throughly. Mr Wong Kan Seng may have to answer to PM Lee or worst, MM Lee himself if there is a lapse.

BUT a search on the internet, I had seen some juicy news on BHP Billiton where the company was entangled with the UN Oil for Food scheme. A UK Guardian news article reported: BHP Billiton embroiled in Iraq oil-for-food scandal. Mr Goodyear was the CEO of BHP Billiton then.

Charles Chip Goodyear was also involved in a US Congress House of Representatives hearing where he was served with a notice to appear before the committee.

If MAS Minister Mr Tharman is transparent enough, he should clarify and explain to the people of Singapore on the background. His Ministry should not be liked the Ministry of Home Affairs where Mas Selamat was allowed to be "floated" to Malaysia when the few critical hours of his escape was not made known.


  1. As you research my article on Goodyear and Saddam, you will see that no pinch of salt is needed. The article is based on facts alone, as always.

  2. Thank you so much, John Harding for all info on this case.
    I wonder about two issues:
    - who has instructed Goodyear to make investments costing SG billions of losses and
    - could perhaps the chief people in the upper ranks been blackmailed into allowing this to happen.
    Sporean investment fellas cant be as stupid as to invest willingly in a failing US finance sector, unless it was done at the point of gun.
    My theory is derived from observations and reading of a book called: Confessions of Economic Hitmen.