Saturday, August 1, 2009

Casino jobs are not hot??

Straits Times Front page on 31 July "Casino jobs are not hot" really caught my eyes. If this casino business thing first brought about by our beloved PM Lee HL despite all the objections raised by the people, then stop blaming Singaporeans for not being able to fill up the croupiers positions!

Anyway someone named "MountainTurtle" wrote on 31 July, 07:41 PM in the ST online titled" CASINO jobs not hot??? MY ***!!!"

He mentioned ">5000 applied but truth is THE TRUTH is that MOST people who applied for a position in Casino are NOT qualified."

MountainTurtle also mentioned "The Straits Time's reporter DO NOT DARE TO ADMIT THAT there are simply NOT enough Singaporeans who are able to pass the test and meet the criterias to become a Casino Employee."

PAP Gov now blaming us for being useless because we provided job for you, but its not my fault that you cannot qualify for it. Dun say I did not give you chance ok? PAP gov will use the excuse to use foreign import to fill gaps left my Singaporeans.

$1800 alot for croupiers? Alot for Pinoys. They loved Singapore for giving them the chance, Stand aside Singaporeans!

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