Saturday, September 5, 2015

PAP's AHPETC Lies to Us! Using OUR Money to fund own TCs while taking OUR Money from AHPETC!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

PAP Election Low Turnout on First Day (2 Sept 2015)

Yesterday PAP rally at Radin Mas was a low turn up. PAP always been speaking to the air and to their RC members for past GE rallies. If you attend opposition rallies such as the WP rally yesterday, people who went down to the rally site go willingly without group influence.

At the Delta Sports complex, PAP even had the support of the Union of Power and Gas and the Chemical Industries Employees Union members at the hockey pitch.

Singapore is uniquely unique in the world where the Unions were cowed by the government. We have to give credit to PAP to use ISA in the 60s to yoke the unions under NTUC or else you were deported to Communist China accused of being a communist unionist.

The lowest a political party can be was to push some wheel bound old folks to the rally!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nomination Day for GE 2015 - Vote for Oppositions! For for Your Own Future!

Just remember that if you vote for PAP, YOU ARE OK to 6.9 million people or more for the next 5-6 years, more people squeezing with you and touching your wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters in public transports, more frequent MRT breakdowns, more people competing for jobs, university places, scholarships, ISLAND wide ERP, even higher COE prices!

PAP is taking us for a ride and will skip immigration policy in their rallies! The various HDB BTO sites at Northern Western Eastern are getting ready and are building new blocks of flats for the additional easy to get new citizens! Only your vote can stop this!

Make sure vote for oppositions!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yusok Ishak??

When did our first self rule president became "Yusok Ishak"??

Source: CNA

Sembawang GRC to get Swimming Complex, how about Buona Vista Swimming Complex at holland Drive?

As usual, PAP old and dusty method of garnering vote is through pork barrel politics and Minister Khaw promise this GRC that they be getting a new Swimming Complex (if he wins) or a threat of no swimming pool if he lose.

However, fret not, even if you are a die hard PAP supporter, your swimming pool will be gone with or without your permission. Take Holland Drive Buona Vista Swimming Complex for example, after decades of operations, the gov decided to close it and make it into a carpark! So much for the residents who voted PAP! If you happen to be the residents there, and you voted for PAP, expect this to happen as you had empowered the PAP through ONE Vote.

Its time tos show PAP this pork barrel politics of using estate upgrading, building of developments, monetary rewards are all outdated! Let the true politics come forth! Let your MPs speak of your issues in Parliament! Only you and me can make a chance by not voting PAP in GE2015!

Source: Today
Holland Drive & Buona Vista Residents: "Where is my swimming pool???"

Source: Save Buona Vista Swimming Pool FB

It had transformed into a carpark!

PAP Fainting Supporters Ki Chiew!

Just wondering how many PAP MPs in GE 2015 on their walkabout will "Chance" upon a fainted fat boy or woman and give assistance with the media taking photos of their good deeds?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Singapore Election 2015 Terms or Words - GRC Parachute team members

GRC Parachute team members are candidates of unknown origin or weaker in their political experience to parachute into parliament using the tickets of strong candidates during General Election of Singapore.

For example, the Ang Mo Kio and Sembawang GRCs both introduced several unknowns or amateurs or weaklings in politics such as Darryl David who was a TV personailty, Ong Ye Koon and Dr Koh (who both lost in GE 2011 and Ponggol East By elections) to GE 2015 under heavy weight Ministers or the PM's tickets to parliament.

Since Ong Ye Koon and Dr Koh had experiences in GE, they should stand in a SMC rather than following the Coat-tail of the minister and the PM!

Look at Sitoh Yih Pin who took Potong Pasir by a few hundred votes, what had he been doing in parliament for past 4 years? Except to vote yes for the population white paper!