Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Hum" aka Cockle become "Haan"

Channel U Program "烧卖" on 20 Jan 2014 10pm slot shown the actor and actress discussing about Cha Kway Teow and what was the mission ingredient. Of course being true blue Cha Kway Teow without cockles is not Cha Kway Teow at all. All of us call it "Hum".

"Uncle, ke hum!"
"Uncle, mai hum!"
The most famous quote "Mee Siam Mai hum!"

But who was the Chinese script writer or director telling the actor and actress to  say "haan" instead of dialect "hum"? Please stop ruining our food culture!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Security Lapse at Woodland Checkpoint

Apparently a "mad" 27 years old Malaysian Female Teacher from KL was about to avoid the web of security measures to prevent illegal entry into Singapore. She was only arrested 3 days in MFA after she tried to enter without arousing the notice of the security at MFA HQ. The Singapore Police had missed arresting her after she stalked a taxi driver and she followed the taxi into SPF HQ at Cantonment, do a round and the policemen on duty did not stop her nor can remember her car and her face!

Yet, the minister of Home Affairs Mr Teo had said "I have expressed my deep dissatisfaction to the Commissioner of ICA and the Commissioner of Police over the breach at Woodlands Checkpoint and the subsequent response actions. This case should have been prevented and dealt with more urgently and decisively as it could have resulted in more serious consequences than what occurred. I have directed the Commissioners to report to me the corrective actions they are taking, and recommend appropriate action to be taken against officers who have not discharged their duties properly"

Hey wait a minute! The Woodland Check points are manned the by Aetos Security right? Why he allow the outsourcing of security and blame the Commissioner of Police over the lapse? Can the Commissioner of Police say no to him? Why are Malaysians guarding our point of entries?

The MHA budgets in the following years are:

2011 - $3.293 Billions
2012 - $3.435 Billions
2013 - $3.9 Billions

Yet the amount are far cry from SAF budget of $12 Billions, paying $3 Billions plus for front line people from the Singapore Police, SCDF, Prison Services, ICA etc. Why did not the minister ask for more to hire more people to man ICA and prefer to rely on outsource people?? Traffic Police are a rare sight on the road nowadays!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NS in Singapore & Stupid IPS Surveys

Was linked to this post by Yahoo why NS is slavery:

"I was born and bred in Singapore but moved to the UK when I was 21 and eventually naturalised as a British citizen after seven years here - I am 37 today. I left Singapore because I had no faith in the government there. Singaporean males were discriminated against by the government because of the compulsory national service and many years of reservist obligations afterwards. That is compounded by the fact that the Singapore government is actively wooing skilled migrants to Singapore. Their "foreign talent" programme gives these migrants all kinds of advantages that locals are not entitled to. I gave two years and four months of my life to serve in the army and my reward is to be treated like a second-class citizen. I wasn't prepared to fight the system, so I simply left and settled in the UK instead." Alex Liang, London  (

I used to think people who think liked that should leave and now I understand why and who Alex Liang said is absolute true.

Today I read the new about some stupid survey done by IPS saying PRs and Women SHOULD be doing NS. But only VOLUNTARY. What a stupid survey. I am wondering why I was not chosen for such surveys at all? Such over 90% surveyed that they will move to the rear in the bus. But in reality, is not the case. The survey group is from the RCs is it?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is Vivian Balakrishnan inheriting the flood problem?

Today there was a massive flood at AYE and caused thousands of people to be late for work and many vehicles were flooded and stalled. Vivian Balakrishnan who is the Environmental Minister had inherited the problem from his predecessor was just bad luck or didn't use the resources of his ministry to tackle issues such as Haze and Flooding? For the Haze, Singapore was caught off guard where the Ministerial panel to tackle the effect of the Haze was only formed after the Haze had subsided. Many people here didn't have the N95 masks and construction workers were not told to stop work dispite PSI of over 400.

Pure bad luck for Vivian or his priority is not correct. He rather spend time fixing the Workers' Party over the Hawker Centre cleaning than to look into strategic issues such as flooding and haze.Or there are Perm Sec, Minister of States and Senior Minister of States cooking up a dish at Environmental Ministry that he not need to show leadership?

(Picts from Twitter and sourced from Today and Strait Times)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Unaccounted Poll Boxes Found after 2 Years!?

Straits Times reported that a member of the public found 5 empty poll boxes after 2 years of the Presidential Election. Just wondering what was the Election Department which is under the Prime Minister's Office doing? Are they consisted of part-timers who will be called from various ministries or they are full time staffs. If they work only once every 4-5 years, I as an ordinary citizen will expect them not so screw up things.

This is a very serious lapse of the administration from the Election Department and hoped the PM since he was responsible for the department to explain himself and not let a junior guy take the fall. (Pict from ST 1 Sept 13)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moon Lee Ranting and Insulting Singapore and Navy Serviceman Jason Chee!

From Facebook, this user Moon Lee ( was ranting all things bad about Singapore and from the profile of the page, I PRESUME this person to be from China studying here as a student in Temasek Poly in 2004 then working here after poly. Nothing really much about this person except for the broken English and the hatred for life in Singapore. 

However, something caught my eyes when I was in the person's blog:

It insulted Singapore and Jason Chee who is from the Navy who lost both his legs and an arm in an accident on board of a RSN ship! 

In the blog, this person superimposed Jason's recovery picture in Navy Uniform on a trophy with the title "Wasted"

Not all, there are a picture and a video of a pig rescuing a goat and a 2 legged pig being fed

This person ranted: "Singapore is a corrupted city! Got money get higher post bully others doing less work! Singapore no hero… We created Heroes!"

The most disrespectful insult to me is: "Else, pig also can be hero!"

I am not sure if this person is still living in Singapore or had already left our beloved country and I am speculating that his person is a China person from the profile from Facebook and blog plus the broken English! Or this person is simply a created a fictitious person or clones from a Singapore hater. 

Anyway who ever this person is, he/she better kow tow to Jason till your skull cracks open or throw yourself off a cliff into Yangtze river to be eaten by fish! 

Apparently this person is trying to attract attention because this was posted in the person's Facebook Timeline on 28 July 2013. The blog was posted on 13 April 2013. Seem this person wanted attention and hoped that the police can invite him/her to drink coffee if still in Singapore!

This is the issue that PAP is blinded to and its a mistakes that the MOE gives liberal scholarships to children of aliens from other countries. If this insulting person is really what the profile stated, then PAP better wake up their idea! They presume they will be grateful to Singapore and settle down eventually but please remember that these are the emperor children resulted from China one child policy. This is a classic case of those Biting the hands that feed them and I can't understand why PAP skull is still so thick.......

Monday, July 15, 2013

Where is the (Virtual) Koven Caucasian Woman Suspect?

Good job to the Malaysian (and Singapore Police) for catching the Koven Double Murderer who was a Police Snior Staff Sergeant. I am just curious when the Mass media reported that the Koven Murder Suspect was a Caucasian Woman driving the Camry with Plate Number SGM14J. Why the police release such information to the media or its the media that jumped to conclusion about the suspect being a Caucasian Woman?

Why didn't the police make a press release to clarify the mistake?

Who was that innocent woman whose face appeared in the evening tabloids?

Or is she a accomplice?