Friday, January 16, 2015

Timbuktu my foot! - Critic of article by Vinika Devasar Rao

This Indian writer to Today Voices may became a naturalised Singapore Citizen because she was preaching US 3rd or 4th generation Singaporeans to wake up our ideas as she came from a country where corruption and lacks of security of personal possessions are common. Likely she means India and she is a north Indian decent.

She started to preach that if PAP is to govern Timbuktu, a province in Mali, according to her knowledge RICH in natural resources and STRATEGIC geographical position for trade, Timbuktu outcome IS THE SAME as Singapore! How can she compare Singapore which is a red dot on the world map with Mali which is a large country in Africa?

Is there a hidden meaning no the post? "Be contented Singaporean, keep voting for PAP as they can transform Singapore to it is now sure it can transform any part of the world with the wisdom of PAP!" If that is really so, then pigs can fly! She had forgotten that Singapore is a tiny place to govern.

So stop kissing PAP balls because its not cool! 

You huh?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wee Shu Min Now

After telling her "related" Singaporean Mr Wee to "Get out of her uncaring face", she is now a quitter located in San Francisco working for Oliver Wyman. Ok, forgive but can't forget and she even removed her fat mole on her uncaring face! Too bad her childish behavior in 2006 had caused her father to step down from PAP next GE line up in 2011.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Repost: Reaction from "Billy" regards to PM Lee Queuing for 30 mins for Chicken Wings

Dear leaders,

We don't mind you are drawing million dollars salary, really we don't mind. But at least the left over schillings let Your poor Singaporeans earn it, not all the dollars you take already and ask the FT FW come and grab the schillings. Still residue the money from the schillings using levy term.

We don't mind your children driving Ferarri, really we don't mind, but at least let our children also have a bicycle to ride on. Not your children is driving a Ferarri, and our children is crawling on the road behind the FT FW.

We don't mind your children go to top university in England or on the Moon, really we don't mind, but at lease you keep some kindergarten place for our children, not your children go to top university and our children need to struggle with FT FW Children just to get a place in kindergarten.

We don't mind your children driving to school or take private jet to school, really we don't mind, but at least you let our children to take a decent MRT or Bus with etiquette space not squeezing like a sardine with the FT FW.

We don't mind our money really loss to whatever investment like what Swiss bank take over or telecom take over or whatever internet saying investment you lost, really we don't mind, but at least you don't lost our children future by flooding the nation with many questionable FT FW degree holders and let our degree become like a piece of toilet paper.

We don't mind your children staying in palace, private condos, bungalow or even 9 stars hotels, really we don't mind, but at least you don't demolish our small little 59sqm house, by letting all the FT FW to jack up all the housing costs.

We don't mind you use 82s Château to wash your legs, really we don't mind, but at least you let us have half a cup of water to drink, not you use 82s Château to wash legs, and ask FT FW to come and #$%$ our water.

We don't mind your children to work with a pen for a living, really we don't mind, but at least you let our children to work with hammer and screw drivers, not your children use pen to work, and give all the hammer and screw driver jobs to FT FW.

I don't mind if I get arrested if these words I wrote will get me to jail, really I don't mind, but at least I let my children know that their father had done everything to upkeep the dignity and future of his children of Singapore. billy

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Singapore Parliament lacks accountability, all thanks to GRC system

I happened to watch youtube and the Hong Kong Legislative Council committee was having a hearing into the alleged cover up of 2 major delays to the high-speed cross-border rail link to China. The Chairman and the CEO of MTR was questioned by member of the Legislative Council committee Christopher Chung and mind you, Christopher Chung did not give the CEO Jay Walder nor Dr Raymond Chien the Chairman face!

SMRT under Ms Saw Phaik Hwa whom background was from the Duty Free Shop for 19 years and without a knowledge of a bolt and nuts of a railway tracks, focusing on developing the secondary retail business rather on the primary function of SMRT which is rolling stocks engineering and maintenance. Had a few major delays and breakdown to the SMRT system and yet we did not see the accountability shown in Hong Kong Legislative Council.

Singapore politics should mirror Hong Kong focusing on daily bread and butter issues rather than mud slinging and name calling from the PAP. What PAP at best is using our money to do upgrading to estates and threatening to withhold or delay upgrading if voters do not support them. But I am glad people even the older generation had seen through PAP's hypocrisy!

Below is the overview and transcript:

Cover-up of high-speed rail delays (Source: Wikipedia)

Starting from April 2014, prominent scandals were exposed after a major two-year delay to high-speed cross-border rail link was revealed by local newspapers. MTR Corp key officials led by Walder were accused of concealing the progress of the project.

Walder has been facing calls to quit after a report submitted to the Legislative Council, said he had stopped Secretary for Transport and Housing from telling lawmakers about the delay. It is confirmed that he will not be given a new contract when it expires in August 2015.

Christopher Chung was the chairman of Eastern District Council, representing Yue Wan constituency. He is veteran member of Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, a pro-establishment party in Hong Kong

He was questioning the MTR CEO regards to the cover up.

Michael Tien: Christopher Chung Legislative Council member.

Christopher Chung: Chairman, on half of the dy chairman I question Raymond Chien Kuo-fung (錢果豐) and Jay Walder.

Christopher Chung: You as Chairman, Walder as CEO, just now you mentioned you do not know about the delay, you know it later, you did not cover up, you did not cover up means you do not know. Walder what you go to work for? Your pay is HK$13 millions per year! Your monthly salary (imo Christopher Chung is suppose to say 1 year salary) is equivalent to an ordinary wage worker 40 years!

Hey! You can't perform don't you feel ashamed? Where is your professionalism? How can you say you do not know about this delay and you got to know later? Why you go to work? You been thinking of going out for fun? You are paid HK$ 1 million and you dared to "cock it up"?

So Chairman, how can this be happening?

If he is in another company, private company, you are sure to pause and investigate and he let Chew Tai-chong resigned easily. No need to explain his explanation? You want to resign? You resign and nobody will question.

Both of you should deduct your remunerations, if there are any losses for the company (MTR) the responsibility should be on you.

How can that be? You as a Chairman, CEO, as a project overseer, yet you say "I don't know", he asked you, you say "I don't know", "I only knew in April."

Wahh! You think you earns only HK$4000 per month? You are not! You earns HK$13 millions per year!

HK$ 1 million per month! How many "打工皇帝" (working class) got this sort of salary?

You dared to take it as nothing had happened. Do you know how to write the word "shame"?

Shame! Shame on you!

On the government side, have you gotten new steps in place? Those steps you had mentioned had failed, have you come up with new steps to oversee and make sure such delays should not happen again?

I want you to answer Walder, what are you doing at work?

(Walder answerd)

(Interrupted by Christopher Chung)

You being a CEO you are very passive to get the information from your staffs! What are you doing everyday? What is your daily work? You are dreaming in your office? Or you are not in attendance (presence) in your office? Answer me!

(Walder aswered again)

(Michael Tien asked Walder questions)

Michael Tien: Walder answered your questions. He is waiting for reports.

Christopher Chung: Yes, he is waiting for the reports passively. My assistant is not even liked him he is actively looking for information for myself.

Michael Tien: He (Walder) answered your questions. Do you have any more questions for him?

Christopher Chung: He (Walder) as the CEO should exercise the responsibility as the CEO. How to handle such situations, not let situations happen!

Dr Raymond Chien (Non executive chairman of HK MTR): Legislative Council members, we, as members of the management board, I do not have the say, we the members of the management board had set up a comittee, one of the tasks of the committee is to find out why such major delay ....

(Christopher Chung interrupted)
Christopher Chung: Why you as the chariman know the delays so late?.....

Michael Tien: Times up! Time passed!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family Issue in Singapore

I saw this very well written family issue in a comment in Yahoo. It was posted in PM Lee's Facebook but his admin had it deleted. Below is the full Singapore Issue face by the Singaporeans:

Yang Yuwen: I have a family issue. I was part of a closely knitted single child family until my dad says "Let's adopt another brother for you" since he likes big families. As I was quite young at that time, I didn't have any say. Things was okay until my dad started showing favoritism towards my adopted brother.

My dad owns a company and immediately appointed my adopted brother as a manager in the company and paid him well, as for me, he said in order to train me well, I should start working from bottom up. So I became a warehouse assistant in the company, drawing a mere $480 a month. So I work 5 days a week and sometimes burning my weekends because our security guards in the company are limited, while my adopted brother is drawing a high salary and is always taunting me.

I tolled day and night for years and 1 day I broke down completely, accusing my dad of favoritism. That was about 3 years ago in 2011. He cried as well and said he was sorry for all the wrong things that he had done and asked me to give him another chance for him to put things right. Finally, I thought my dad had saw my plight and that would be the end of my misery. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Fast forward to now, 3 years on, I still live the same life working bottom level jobs in my dad's company, while my adopted brother is promoting his biological cousins to my dad so that my dad can adopt them as well.

The final straw is when my adopted brother decided to hold a birthday celebration for his BIOLOGICAL parents in my OWN house. My first reaction was to tell him off, telling him that it was obviously a disrespectful act to my family and my parents in particular. I complained to my dad and to my horror, he says that I should be ASHAMED of myself and he promptly gave the go-ahead for my adopted brother to hold the birthday celebration.

What would you do if you were me?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Hum" aka Cockle become "Haan"

Channel U Program "烧卖" on 20 Jan 2014 10pm slot shown the actor and actress discussing about Cha Kway Teow and what was the mission ingredient. Of course being true blue Cha Kway Teow without cockles is not Cha Kway Teow at all. All of us call it "Hum".

"Uncle, ke hum!"
"Uncle, mai hum!"
The most famous quote "Mee Siam Mai hum!"

But who was the Chinese script writer or director telling the actor and actress to  say "haan" instead of dialect "hum"? Please stop ruining our food culture!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Security Lapse at Woodland Checkpoint

Apparently a "mad" 27 years old Malaysian Female Teacher from KL was about to avoid the web of security measures to prevent illegal entry into Singapore. She was only arrested 3 days in MFA after she tried to enter without arousing the notice of the security at MFA HQ. The Singapore Police had missed arresting her after she stalked a taxi driver and she followed the taxi into SPF HQ at Cantonment, do a round and the policemen on duty did not stop her nor can remember her car and her face!

Yet, the minister of Home Affairs Mr Teo had said "I have expressed my deep dissatisfaction to the Commissioner of ICA and the Commissioner of Police over the breach at Woodlands Checkpoint and the subsequent response actions. This case should have been prevented and dealt with more urgently and decisively as it could have resulted in more serious consequences than what occurred. I have directed the Commissioners to report to me the corrective actions they are taking, and recommend appropriate action to be taken against officers who have not discharged their duties properly"

Hey wait a minute! The Woodland Check points are manned the by Aetos Security right? Why he allow the outsourcing of security and blame the Commissioner of Police over the lapse? Can the Commissioner of Police say no to him? Why are Malaysians guarding our point of entries?

The MHA budgets in the following years are:

2011 - $3.293 Billions
2012 - $3.435 Billions
2013 - $3.9 Billions

Yet the amount are far cry from SAF budget of $12 Billions, paying $3 Billions plus for front line people from the Singapore Police, SCDF, Prison Services, ICA etc. Why did not the minister ask for more to hire more people to man ICA and prefer to rely on outsource people?? Traffic Police are a rare sight on the road nowadays!